Grade 4 wins at Toms River!

At the Toms River Celtic Festival in Toms River, NJ on July 9, sanctioned band contests were offered for the first time. The grade 4 MacMillan-Birtles Memorial Pipe Band walked away with first place overall in a field of three bands grade 4. The band was ranked first by both piping judges and the drumming judge, and second from the ensemble judge. Finishing in second place was Rory O’Moore Pipe Band, and in third was Cameron Washington Memorial Pipe Band.

This proved to be a good outing for the band as they prepare to travel to Maxville, Ontario for the Glengarry Highland Games on July 30, home of the North American Pipe Band Championships. Look for the grade 3 band to perform there as well. In addition, both bands will participate in a concert-style medley competition at Montreal Highland Games on July 31.

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