MacMillan Rides High in EUSPBA Season Results!

As the 2013 competition draws to a close, the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association has released its year-end overall results and standings. As in year’s past, the MacMillan organization is well represented in those results.

Our Grade III band finished the competition season in 4th place overall in EUSPBA Grade III. Congratulations, guys!

MacMillan’s Andrew Donlon placed 1st overall and Mary Wallace, 3rd overall, in Grade I solo piping. Andrew also placed 1st overall in Grade I solo piobaireachd, while Mary took 4th in the piobaireachd only results. There were 73 total competitors in the Grade I events. MacMillan’s Jacob Loughlin placed 9th overall (out of 294!) in Grade III piping, while MacMillan-Dunn’s Chris Imlay placed 5th overall (out of 611!) in Grade IV Senior Piping and 2nd overall in Grade IV Senior Piobaireachd only results. Impressive work, pipers!

MacMillan’s Harry Meade placed 9th overall (out of 35) in Professional Snare Drumming, and 4th overall (out of 31) in Professional Bass Drumming. MacMillan’s bass drummer (and Harry’s dad) placed right behind him in 5th overall in Professional Bass. MacMillan’s Matt Niblock placed 5th (out of 51) in Grade III Snare. MacMillan’s Dianne Duncan placed 4th (out of 21) in Professional Tenor Drumming, and MacMillan’s Dawn Meade placed 3rd (out of 26) in Amateur I Tenor Drumming. MacMillan-Birtles’ Martina Murphy placed 7th (out of 50 overall) in Amateur II Tenor Drumming. Great job, drummers!

Overall, it was a fantastic 2013 season for the MacMillan organization. While our Grade IV and V bands did not finish in the prize lists this year, it was a good building year for these bands, particularly the fledgling MacMillan-Dunn band. And players from all three bands placed in the Top 10 prize lists, so all should be proud of our work this year.

Here’s to a restful off-season and a refreshed outlook for 2014, when we hope to have more players – from all three bands – competing in solos and placing on the prize lists. Thanks for all your hard work, and we’ll see you next season!

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