Chris Hamilton- Pipe Major

Chris has been playing in pipe bands since 1974, nearly 5 decades. Learning and performing first with the MacDonald Pipe Band Pittsburgh, Chris briefly played with the Erskine band, and then spent many years in Denny & Dunnipace which became Scottish & Irish Imports and later the City of Washington band. Chris played a part in the City of Washington Pipe Band during their 1999 winning season at the World Pipe Band Championship in Grade 2.

In 2001, Chris was one of the founding members of the MacMillan organization, in an effort to create a solid middle-tier band in the DC region. In addition to leading the MacMillan-Birtles band, he also plays in the organization’s Grade 2 band.

Chris says “The people are my favorite part of MacMillan; we work hard, and have a great time socializing and simply having fun. No matter how old I get, I couldn’t imagine playing for another band.”