Andrew Donlon – Pipe Major

DonlondAndrew Donlon of Washington, DC is one of the United States’ up and coming competitive pipers. Receiving many years of early tuition from Chris Hamilton, Donlon has been a student of Willie McCallum since 2012.

As a bandsman, Andrew was a member of the New York Metro Pipe Band in 2013 and 2014, earning as high as 3rd place at the World Pipe Band Championships in 2013. 2014 saw Andrew return to his hometown MacMillan Pipe Band, becoming Pipe Major in 2015, leading the band to an undefeated season and the title of North American Champions in Grade 3. 2016 saw MacMillan succeeding in Grade 2, winning the drumming at Maxville, and saw Donlon join the reformed Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band, playing in the Grade One Final of the World Pipe Band Championships.

In the solo realm, Andrew was promoted to the professional ranks by the EUSPBA for the 2014 season, and has been steadily taking prizes since. Some prizes of note include the 2015 United States Silver Medal at Kansas City, the 2016 Piobaireachd Conference and the 2016 B-Grade Overall at the London competition, 2nd at Inverness in 2017 and winning the A Grade Jig at London 2017.

Outside of competitive piping, Andrew works for a congressman in Washington, D.C. and keeps a sizeable group of piping students who compete at various levels.