Betsy Turner – Tenor

I had no choice but to be involved in pipe bands from birth being the daughter of Bob Meade and sister of Harry Meade. Luckily, I love it!

I started in the music performance world when I was 8 on the clarinet and officially made my way into bagpipe bands when I turned 12 playing flourish tenor with the Clan Campbell Pipe Band. Never content on just one instrument I have moved my way through the drum corps to rhythm tenor, snare drum (including Drum Sargent of the Baltimore Police Emerald Society Pipe Band and the Ulster Scottish Pipe Band), bass drum, and, after finally settling into my home of Macmillan Pipe Band in roughly 2010, back to flourish tenor. I love competing in solo competitions on snare, bass, and tenor when I have the chance.

In my daily life I am a full-time band, orchestra, and vocal music teacher in Baltimore County. I also take time during the week to tech with a local high school marching band in Carroll County, teach private lessons on a variety of instruments, play principal clarinet in the Westminster Symphony Orchestra, and work with the percussion section of the McDaniel College Concert Band. Occasionally I even get to see my husband and cats!

Music has and always will be my passion no matter the medium and I am forever grateful to be able to play with the amazing people of the Macmillan Pipe Band.