Kayla Harper – Piper


I started piping in 2004, and have been hanging around MacMillan since 2006. I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to see the band grow from it’s humble beginnings into the organization it is today. MacMillan is like my second family!

I compete in solo competitions occasionally, but my true love is with pipe bands. I’m also super into bellows piping of the smallpipe and borderpipe varieties. The folk scene is my jams!!

When I’m not pipe banding or smallpiping, I’m computering for my day job and gaming (console and table top) in my down time – my D&D character is Rico, a halfling rogue with an OCD-like aversion to getting dirty.

I also enjoy writing, comics, and crafty nerd things. At home I have a cat named Edgar (after Edgar Allan Poe), who meows a lot and has a motor like a diesel engine.