Luke Ashton – Piper

Luke Ashton is a piper from Omaha, Nebraska. He was inspired to take-up piping through discovering his Scottish and Irish heritage at age 10. His mom bought him a cheap practice chanter, and he got to work. Luke has played with multiple bands during his career. He learned piping under instruction of Kevin Arnold with the Omaha Pipes & Drums in Omaha, Nebraska. He continued developing his skills when he joined the Alma College Pipe Band under Andrew Duncan in 2013 while pursuing his college degree. There he jumped from starting as a grade 4 solo piper to leaving Alma competing in the grade 2 solo circuit in the midwest. Luke joined MacMillan after a short overseas stint in 2018 and has played with the band ever since. Outside of piping, Luke enjoys cooking and baking, and currently works as an economist specializing in regulation and energy policy. He lives in Northern Virginia.