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MacMillan – The Mid-Atlantic’s Premiere Pipe Band Organization

MacMillan is a musical organization dedicated to the Scottish Arts. Primarily a teaching organization designed to bring beginner pipers and drummers up through the ranks, MacMillan is comprised of three competitive pipe bands at varying levels.

MacMillan is the top-level band in the organization. Recently upgraded to EUSPBA grade 2, MacMillan was the founding band of the organization in 2001 and has climbed the ranks since beginning competing in grade 4 in 2002.

MacMillan-Birtles is the mid-level band in the organization. As the MacMillan organization grew in both number and ability, a new band was founded in 2004 in grade 5 to support new members and to plant the seeds to foster an education system within the organization. In 2009 the MacMillan-Birtles band was upgraded to EUSPBA grade 4 and continues to prosper in the competition field.

MacMillan-Dunn is the entry-tier band in the organization. In 2012 the growth of the MacMillan organization warranted the addition of a new entry level band to support and attract new pipers and drummers in the local community, and to maintain a welcoming environment for all players looking to play and compete with the MacMillan organization.

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