Glasgowlands 2018

MacMillan-Birtles (G3) placed 2nd (out of a total of three bands in the grade). But the drum corp placed 1st, beating out corps led by members of the current World Champion drum corp (Inverary).  Go MM-B!!

2018 Season Begins

April – Dunedin Games, Florida

St Thomas Alumn won overall based on MSR ensemble. MacMillan places a solid 3rd over Atlanta.

Grade 2
1st City of Dunedin (2,2,1,1) – Ensemble
2nd St. Thomas Alumni (1,1,2,2)
3rd MacMillan
4th Atlanta
Judges: Terry Lee, Stuart Liddell (piping); Stephen McWhirter (drumming); Robert Mathieson (ensemble)

1st St. Thomas Alumni (1,2,1,2) – Ensemble
2nd City of Dunedin (2,1,2,1)
3rd MacMillan
4th Atlanta
Judges: Andrew Berthoff, Jack Lee (piping); Gordon Parkes (drumming); Ken Eller (ensemble)

2018 Winter Storm Results (the MacMillan edition)

Congratulations to our brilliant band members who came away with medals this past weekend!

  • Seton Helwig – 2nd place, Intermediate Tenor
  • Sam Johnson – 3rd place, North American Gold Medal Tenor
  • Ben Elkins – 2nd place (three-way tie for first), North American Gold Medal Bass
  • Andrew Donlon – 2nd place, US Gold Medal Piobaireachd
  • Betsy Morgan – 4th place, Amateur Tenor, 6th place North American Gold Medal Bass


2018 Winter Storm

Off to Kansas City They Go!

A large contingent of our members are heading off to 2018 Winter Storm to compete. 

  • Kevin Watkins – G3 MSR and Piob
  • Ana Oyler – G3 Snare
  • Ben Elkins – Gold Medal Bass
  • Mary Wallace – Silver Medal Piobaireachd and Light Music Qualifier
  • Martina Murphy – Amateur Tenor
  • Andrew Donlon – Gold Medal Ceol Beag, Piobaireachd
  • Dawn Meade – Amateur Tenor
  • Seton Helwig – Amateur Tenor
  • Beth Morgan – Amateur Tenor, Gold Medal Bass
  • Sam Johnson – Gold Medal Tenor
  • Alex Kuldell – Gold Medal Snare

Wish them luck!